Emily Perry

Performance Coach & HR Guru

I run an HR consultancy and have historically always handled the 'marketing' myself. I was feeling a bit stuck and not sure what I should be doing. The world of marketing can be very 'noisy' and I was in a constant panic about what I should be doing, feeling I was missing out! I'd also fallen out of love with my business, as I couldn't see the wood for the trees.

I decided to work with Natalie, and it was the best decision I have made in a while. Natalie took her time to understand me, my business and who our clients were. Our intensive session was completely practical and we came up with a detailed plan that I could then go away and implement.  

Natalie is extremely knowledgeable, has an infectious passion and since meeting with her I feel my business has been revolutionised. I am excited again about my business, and no longer scared or afraid about the direction I am headed in. We are also attracting an abundance of new enquiries from exactly the kind of customers we want to work with. Would highly recommend Natalie to any small business that is struggling to get clear on their ideas and figure out a clear structured plan.

Donna Weller

Strategic Marketing Consultant at DWD Freelance Marketing

I can’t recommend Natalie highly enough! 8 years ago she encouraged and helped me to start my own business and it’s the best advice I was ever given. Then along the road, she's been my go-to for support and quick-fire advice when I've needed it. Natalie is a fantastic mentor and is truly passionate about helping entrepreneurs reach their goals, whether personally or professionally. I can't recommend her enough to anyone starting out or wanting to get more business.

Lucy Magrin

Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Natalie was recommended to us when as a company we experienced a drop in our referrals due to having increased our fees. We have found that since taking on Natalie's advice not only has our referral rate returned to what it was previously but that we are also achieving the higher fee rate.

We are very grateful to Natalie for this and value having her support in our business as we develop and move forwards!

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